Had a Car Accident or Slip & Fall


Julian Sanders

An Auto Accident Lawyer Will Help You With Your Case

Car accidents can be frightening and traumatic for anyone involved. This is especially true when the accident results in serious injury. An accident throws a person’s whole life into chaos and disorder. Medical bills can pile up and people may experience a loss of wages due to ongoing pain and physical therapy. After a car accident you may wonder if you have a legitimate claim for damages and reco ...[Read More]

Car Accident Lawyers Will Help In Your Time Of Crisis

If you have ever been in a car accident, then you know how scary and stressful it can be. Often everything happens so fast and people do not know what they are supposed to do. It is important to be sure of certain things when you are involved in a car accident. Lawyers agree that it is always best to be properly prepared in the event of an accident. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are e ...[Read More]

The Best Lawyer Will Get You What You Deserve

You can get injured almost anywhere, but before filing a lawsuit against a company, who was negligent in the cause of your injuries must be established. When you are badly injured, how do you know if your injury qualifies as a “serious injury”, and is worth being compensated for? After doing some research, consulting with an injury lawyer may be your next step. Your Pain Deserves Compe ...[Read More]

An Accident Lawyer Can Help You At A Devastating Time

“Accident” is an extremely broad term, and can be applicable to almost all injury cases. If you are hurt and you believe it is due to negligence, you have the possibility of being awarded damages. Local government organizations, private businesses, and individuals can all be held liable in an injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Accident lawyers make sure to get you compensation for the i ...[Read More]

How To Utilize The Industry Knowledge Of Your Truck Accident Lawyer To Win An Injury Lawsuit

Any motor vehicle accident is unfortunate, but a crash involving a commercial vehicle such as a truck has potentially devastating repercussions. The increased likelihood of losing control due to their weight and size make trucks deadly in a crash. In combination with extensive damage to your vehicle, you and your passengers are likely to sustain massive injuries – from severed limbs to brain injur ...[Read More]

What Is Nursing Home Neglect?

In many ways, nursing home neglect is similar to nursing home abuse, but they are not the same. Nursing home abuse constitutes specific intent to harm an elder while neglect is the provision of sub-standard care or breach of duty that causes the patient harm with a foreseeable outcome of the nursing home’s negligent actions. An ABC News item indicates that one in three elderly residents are abused ...[Read More]

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Beginners

It can be quite exciting to gun down the highway in your motorcycle for the first time. Feel the rush, the wind, and the excitement of being on the road in a bike. However, having fun shouldn’t get in the way of your safety. So here are safety tips we’ve culled from In the Nation beginners like you should definitely keep in mind: Make sure everything’s in order. Before heading out on a long road t ...[Read More]

In a Trucking Accident? 7 Important Things to Remember

Accidents are often traumatic. One minute, you’re driving down the highway, on schedule, with everything fine and the next, you could be swerving to avoid a suicidal squirrel, lose control of the wheel and drive your truck into a ditch. If you’re hurt anywhere, climbing out of that ditch can be pretty painful. Don’t know what to do? We’ve gathered a few tips from LegalInfo to help you in case you ...[Read More]

Supporting Families In Cases Of Nursing Home Neglect

It can be a very difficult decision for any family to move a parent, grandparent or aging family member from their home into a nursing facility. However, for many elderly or ill individuals this provides a level of care and medical attention simply not possible for the family. At Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, LLC we recognize that most nursing homes provide an outstanding service for all ...[Read More]

3 Reasons You Need Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney On Your Side

There are more motorcycles on the road today than ever and a much wider group of people that routinely use bikes as commuter vehicles or for transportation and weekend riding enjoyment. Regardless of why you ride a motorcycle, you are at greater risk of substantial injury should you be involved in an accident. In fact, research shows that people on bikes in an accident are three to five times more ...[Read More]