Had a Car Accident or Slip & Fall



How To Utilize The Industry Knowledge Of Your Truck Accident Lawyer To Win An Injury Lawsuit

Any motor vehicle accident is unfortunate, but a crash involving a commercial vehicle such as a truck has potentially devastating repercussions. The increased likelihood of losing control due to their weight and size make trucks deadly in a crash. In combination with extensive damage to your vehicle, you and your passengers are likely to sustain massive injuries – from severed limbs to brain injur ...[Read More]

What Is Nursing Home Neglect?

In many ways, nursing home neglect is similar to nursing home abuse, but they are not the same. Nursing home abuse constitutes specific intent to harm an elder while neglect is the provision of sub-standard care or breach of duty that causes the patient harm with a foreseeable outcome of the nursing home’s negligent actions. An ABC News item indicates that one in three elderly residents are abused ...[Read More]

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Beginners

It can be quite exciting to gun down the highway in your motorcycle for the first time. Feel the rush, the wind, and the excitement of being on the road in a bike. However, having fun shouldn’t get in the way of your safety. So here are safety tips we’ve culled from In the Nation beginners like you should definitely keep in mind: Make sure everything’s in order. Before heading out on a long road t ...[Read More]

In a Trucking Accident? 7 Important Things to Remember

Accidents are often traumatic. One minute, you’re driving down the highway, on schedule, with everything fine and the next, you could be swerving to avoid a suicidal squirrel, lose control of the wheel and drive your truck into a ditch. If you’re hurt anywhere, climbing out of that ditch can be pretty painful. Don’t know what to do? We’ve gathered a few tips from LegalInfo to help you in case you ...[Read More]