Vehicle Rollover Accident

Rollover Accident in Atlanta? Our Car Accident Attorney Can Help

car-ac1-300x199Nobody wants to be involved in a rollover accident. Not only is this type of incident extremely frightening, there is also a significant likelihood that passengers and the driver will suffer substantial injuries. In a rollover accident, a vehicle becomes unbalanced and tips over completely, ending up on its roof, side, or even completing several rotations. If you’ve been involved in this type of accident, seek legal advice as soon as you can for the best chance of compensation success.

A Number of Variables Can Cause a Rollover

Although driver negligence, poor road conditions or the actions of another road user can all precipitate a rollover, in some cases it may be the vehicle which is at fault, rather than driver error. It’s well-known that narrow, taller vehicles are more likely to tip, as their design is less stable than lower, wider models. Poor maintenance may also increase risk. If negligent servicing or a faulty repair has been the cause of your accident, our accident injury lawyer will fight to ensure that those responsible pay you the correct amount of compensation.

How to Minimize the Chance of a Rollover

In addition to making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy, simple measures such as checking your tire pressure before a journey and packing luggage in a manner which doesn’t destabilize the vehicle are ways of reducing the risk of a rollover situation. Drive slowly and be particularly attentive on winding, rural roads which may be narrow and not have barriers.

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