Dog Bite Injuries

dog_biteaaa-300x199Dog bites can be serious and terrifying events, especially for children. Dog and animal saliva often carries bacteria that can cause infection, and the experience of being bitten by a dog or animal can be traumatizing. Always be sure to seek medical attention if you or a loved one is bitten by a dog, and also be aware that you might qualify for a dog bite lawsuit. For an immediate consultation with Georgia dog bite injury lawyer, Julian Lewis Sanders, regarding your rights, please call 1-855-JSANDERS now.

If you’ve been injured by a dog bite you may be entitled to a money compensation for your pain and suffering. After a dog or animal bite it’s very important to contact Georgia dog bite injury attorney, Julian Lewis Sanders as soon as possible. Don’t risk waiting. Witnesses, victims, medical care providers, and police may not have a clear memory of your dog bite accident and circumstances weeks or months after. Get the justice you deserve.

Call Georgia Lawyer, Julian Lewis Sanders, 24 hours a day, and he will be happy to serve you. Remember, attorney Julian Lewis Sanders fights for you. Please call 1-855-JSANDERS now.

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