Failure to Provide Medical Care

Nursing Home’s Failure to Provide Proper Medical Care

narsinfhome1When we move our elderly loved ones into nursing homes, we expect that the staff at these facilities will be able to properly care for our loved ones and, ideally, improve their quality of life. All too often, however, this expectation goes unfulfilled, as the staff at some nursing homes may abuse or neglect our loved ones. One of the more common instances of nursing home abuse and neglect comes in the form of failing to provide elderly people with the medical care they need.

When such failure to provide medical care occurs at nursing homes:

  • Even the most mundane or minor health problems can quickly become serious or possibly even life threatening.
  • Injured elderly residents and their families will likely be entitled to compensation for the injuries and losses related to this failure to provide medical care.
  • The Georgia nursing home abuse attorney, Julian Lewis Sanders will be here to stand up for injured people’s rights and hold negligent staff (and the facilities that enable them) accountable for residents’ injuries.

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Examples of Failure to Provide Medical Care

Some specific ways in which the negligence of nursing home staff may contribute to the failure to provide medical care to elderly residents can involve staff:

  • Failing to regularly check in on residents
  • Failing to notice obvious signs of medical problems and the need for medical care
  • Administering the wrong or improper treatments to nursing home residents
  • Lacking the proper medical training to be overseeing residents’ needs.

While understaffing issues at nursing homes can increase the risk that residents will be victimized by a lack of access to proper medical care, so too can nursing homes’ failure to screen staff prior to hiring them.

Signs of Failure to Provide Medical Care

Some indications that an elderly loved one may be suffering because nursing home staff has failed to provide proper medical care can include:

  • Rapidly deteriorating health
  • Hospitalization
  • Sudden and significant weight loss
  • Significant bruising, the development of bed sores or other physical impairments that seem to develop overnight
  • Signs of severe dehydration and/or malnutrition.

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