Atlanta Nursing Home Neligence Lawyer

Nursing Home Neglect is More Common than You Think

As a person’s life enters its final stages, respectful, high quality care should be the only sort of treatment these individuals receive. Sadly every year a significant number of older, vulnerable people are not treated with the dignity and consideration they deserve. We can act on behalf of relatives or under instruction from the home resident themselves, providing proactive support in taking appropriate legal action.

We Understand Difficult Neglect Cases

Our nursing home neglect lawyer is used to dealing with tricky circumstances where there are significant barriers to presenting a clear cut case. Many vulnerable care home residents have health problems such as dementia, which means they are unable to testify. Difficulties may also arise when multiple care givers are involved in working with an older person, making it difficult to identify who isn’t behaving appropriately. Our legal team is familiar with these complexities and has developed successful strategies for overcoming them.

Experienced Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Atlanta

Proving nursing home neglect can be a complex process, as there are a number of different factors to consider, and often actions which one party may see as neglectful, another may just see as a natural part of institutional care. We plan our cases meticulously, amassing as much relevant evidence as we can in order to present a strong argument when the matter goes to court.

The Law is there to Protect Vulnerable Elders

If you’re located in Atlanta and need the services of a nursing home neglect lawyer, we can help. For people that aren’t sure whether the treatment they or their relative is receiving constitutes neglect, take advantage of our free consultation to share your concerns. Call us now at (855) 572-6337 to book an appointment with one of our legal team.

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