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Atlanta Legal Assistance for Civil and Criminal Accident Proceedings

If you’ve had an accident and are looking for experienced, sensible legal advice, we can help. Our practice has been operating in the city for a number of years now, offering sound advice and detailed preparation of accident cases when a court appearance is required. We offer legal advice on all sorts of accidents, including motoring incidents, slips & falls and work related accidents.

Experienced Accident Lawyer Available

A sizeable number of our clients are seeking legal redress for personal injury due to an accident which wasn’t their fault. Negligence on the part of businesses, local governmental organizations and individuals is surprisingly common, allowing victims to successfully claim compensation in many cases. If you’re been involved in an accident and believe someone else was to blame, take advantage of our free consultation service to see if you potentially you have a case.

Trial Lawyers May Get You a Bigger Payout

We are trial lawyers that are skilled in presenting your case in a favorable light. Every member of our team is highly qualified and has considerable experience in compensation cases. They will do their utmost to ensure that you get the result you’re looking for. From meticulous planning before a case, to sound argument and cross examination during the trial, we do our best for our clients at every stage of the court proceedings.

Personal Attorneys in Atlanta

When you need a supportive accident injury lawyer, we have experienced and sympathetic legal professionals readily available. We encourage prospective clients to make a free initial appointment with us to discuss how their case might proceed and to enable them to ask any questions they might have. To arrange a consultation with our accident lawyer, call now at (855) 572-6337.

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