Types Of Wrongful Death Benefits

Wrongful Death Damages: What You Can Recover

There are actually two categories of wrongful death damages that can be rewarded under Georgia’s Wrongful Death Act.  The first are damages that the decedent’s survivors may recover.  (“Survivors” are people defined by Georgia’s wrongful death statute as being entitled to damages for the death of a loved one.)  And the second are damages that the decedent’s estate may recover.  (The estate is basically what the decedent left to any beneficiaries under his will or others in his lineage defined by something called an “intestacy” statute whenever there is no will.)   Generally speaking, the estate cannot recover as many important categories of damages as the survivors (particularly pain and suffering from the loss–only survivors can recover pain and suffering).Survivors may recover damages for:

  • Lost Support and Services
  • Loss of Decedent’s Companionship and Protection
  • Mental Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Parental Companionship, Instruction, and Guidance
  • Medical or Funeral Expenses When Paid By A Survivor

The estate may recover damages only for:

  • Decedent’s Lost Earnings
  • Decedent’s Medical And Funeral Expenses

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