Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to several unwanted consequences, including permanent injuries, loss of earnings, and emotional distress.

At The Law Offices of  Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, we would like to help you understand the leading causes of car accidents so that you can use preventative measures to avoid them.

Consequently, some common factors that lead to car accidents can be avoided. 

Leading Causes For Car Accidents

Drunk Driving

When you drink, you lose some of your ability to focus correctly, which is dangerous when operating a vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol often causes delayed reactions that lead to car accidents.  While driving drunk is a top cause of car accidents, it is easy to avoid.  Use a designated driver or a rideshare service when you plan to drink. 

Distracted Driving

Texting or talking and driving is a bad driving habit for many Americans.  Distracted driving isn’t exclusively texting or talking on the phone but also includes reading emails, putting on makeup, reaching for something in the car, and driving while sleepy. Anything distracting you while driving is dangerous and should be avoided. 

Inexperienced Drivers

Driving is a skill that improves with practice. However, there is an ongoing influx of new drivers on a daily basis. Young or less experienced drivers are often prone to speeding or reckless driving behaviors. Their lack of experience leads to accidents. Consequently, teenagers have the highest insurance premiums. If you have a teenage driver, have open conversations with them about your expectations of responsible driving. 


We all run late from time to time. Unfortunately, speeding is a typical driving behavior and one of the most dangerous. Speeding contributes to about a third of fatal motor vehicle crashes. When speeding, it takes more time to stop, with less control of the vehicle. Make it a priority to properly plan the timing for your trips and eliminate the need for speed.

Aggressive Driving

Data compiled by the American Automobile Association (AAA) shows that 55% of accidents are caused by aggressive driving. Consequently, aggressive driving behaviors include speeding, tailgating, brake checking, cutting other drivers off, swerving in your vehicle, and any form of road rage.

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