A Personal Injury Claim

Accidents are frequently unpredictable. Following the personal injury claim process can dramatically alter the outcome of your personal injury case. At Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates we are the experts at  helping accident victims who’ve suffered an injury win cases. 

The first step of a personal injury claim process is the actual incident. After an accident happens, before anything, call 911 immediately.

Your Legal Right

Your legal right is to file a personal injury claim in exchange for compensation. Which leads us to our next step: finding out what was responsible for your injury or illness.

One of the most important requirements in this process is that the victim gathers evidence from the scene. This includes getting witness contact information. Remember details like the location and time of the incident, everyone involved and how it happened. Take photos of the scene. The information you gather will be used in the incident report.

If you’re injured and need immediate attention, go to urgent care or the ER immediately. We will access your medical records for the case after you permit us to do so.

Document Your Experience

Documenting this experience and your injury is valid and will make the process easier and more effective. You’ll be asked about your pain and discomfort, how it affects your daily life, and how the accident has affected your mental health.

Nest step, call Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates to discuss maximizing your recovery of money damages. If you’re still feeling pain or discomfort, we will help to arrange your medical care. We’ll get you treated by the best doctors for your specialized needs. We understand that your recovery journey is just as crucial as your compensation.  

Settlement Offer

Upon finishing medical treatment, an offer for settlement is submitted to the insurance company of the person or corporation responsible for the accident. Your team at Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates will work to settle your case for a maximized recovery. We are the experts at getting you the compensation you deserve.  We do all the communicating and negotiations needed. If the cases doesn’t settle for maximized recovery, we’ll then file suit to influence the insurance company to pay up on our demands.