Our personal injury lawyers in Georgia have helped hundreds of Georgians recover the money they deserve.

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Prepare for the Unpredictable

Life is uncertain. Your day-to-day routine could be turned upside down in minutes if you were to become injured at work, hurt in a motorcycle wreck, or involved in a serious car accident in Georgia. The physical, emotional and financial impact of that injury may stay with you for months – or even years.

At The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, we understand the gravity of personal injury situations. We want to help. We’re committed to listening to your situation, understanding your specific needs, and taking swift, strategic action to achieve rightful compensation. Our legal team of Georgia-based personal injury attorneys has deep industry expertise to provide optimal service for your unique situation.

Let us fight for you today. And let us get you the justice you deserve – faster.

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Excellent! Some time ago, my wife found out about Julian Lewis Sanders, and she hired their services as our legal representatives in court. They helped us in getting the compensation due to us. I can never thank them enough.

Jastin Clark

The law offices of Julian Sanders answered every call and was very prompt in getting my case handled. Thank you so much!

Tamara Linette Chevis - Allen

The process was lengthy but the case manager Erin was very helpful in securing my settlement and making sure that we got things done in a reasonable time.

Leaveil Armstrong

My husband and I would recommend Mr. Sanders office to our friends and family. His office was able to recover more damages than my husband ever expected.

Tanjaneka Jordan

It was a pleasure dealing with this firm. My case was handled quickly and seamlessly.

Cecile Owen

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