Meet Julian Lewis Sanders, Founder & Owner

Founder & Owner

Julian Lewis Sanders is a Georgia personal injury attorney and founder of The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders and Associates.

Sanders started his law practice in July 2003, with the initial goal of helping his first client to receive adequate compensation in a slip-and-fall case. His practice grew exponentially from that victory – and that success gave Sanders the confidence to build a personal injury team of his own.

Sanders’ dream of becoming an attorney began early: he decided to become a lawyer at eight years old, while living in Savannah, Georgia. Growing up in a military family, Sanders learned the importance of dedication and honor early, which established a foundation for his eventual law career.

Upon graduating high school in Heidelberg, Germany, Sanders attended Tuskegee University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. After studying chemistry, physics and biology at IUPUI in Indianapolis, he went on to attend and graduate from The University of Baltimore, School of Law in 2002.

Today, The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates proudly serve the communities of Georgia in personal injury law.