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Frequently Asked Questions

What is negligence?2021-07-15T17:18:47-04:00

Negligence occurs when someone does not exercise a reasonable standard of care, which compromises the safety of others. If someone is found to have been negligent, they could be held responsible for damages that resulted from their actions.

I was injured at work – what should I do?2021-07-15T17:18:55-04:00

Immediately report the injury to your supervisor and then see a medical professional for care. Finally, fill out a worker’s compensation form. If you do not report your injury within the time frame, your employer is not obligated to provide worker’s compensation benefits. Remember: by filing for worker’s compensation, you are forfeiting your right to sue your company.

What is medical malpractice?2021-07-15T17:14:30-04:00

Medical malpractice cases occur when a healthcare provider provides a negligent or wrongful treatment that results in death or injury to their patient.

Can I file a case against someone who isn’t a doctor?2021-07-15T17:14:23-04:00

Yes; if someone provides healthcare-related services, they can be taken to court for medical malpractice.

What are compensatory damages?2021-07-15T17:16:58-04:00

Compensatory damages are designed to cover the amount of the injury or loss. These damages are divided into two groups: actual and general. Actual compensatory damages must be proven and include medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, property replacement, etc. General compensatory damages do not involve monetary expenditure and include variables like mental anguish, inconvenience and disfigurement.

If I’m partially at-fault, can I still pursue a case?2021-07-15T17:17:00-04:00

Yes. A personal injury attorney from The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates will review your case to determine fault and eligibility. In cases where partial fault comes into play, plaintiffs are often awarded a decreased amount of compensation, depending upon the degree of negligence.

How can an attorney help with my slip-and-fall case?2021-07-13T20:50:35-04:00

The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates can help you weigh your options and understand the process if you were to pursue a case. Once pursuing a case, we advocate for you and take care of the difficult matters – while you focus on healing from your injury.

What is personal injury law?2021-07-13T21:29:52-04:00

Also known as tort law, personal injury law protects you if you are injured due to negligence, recklessness or the wrongful actions of another person.

Why do I need a personal injury attorney?2021-07-13T21:30:19-04:00
Sometimes bad things happen to good people – and a personal injury attorney will help get the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track. Many people are surprised that their situation qualifies for a personal injury case. A personal injury attorney from will work with you to determine the strength of your claim, guide you through the process – and get the compensation you deserve.
How much do you charge?2021-07-13T21:30:39-04:00

Our rates vary by practice and case. Contact one of the knowledgeable representatives at The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

I was in a car crash in Atlanta. Do I need an attorney?2021-07-13T20:53:45-04:00

If you were injured in a car accident and not at fault, you should reach out to a personal injury attorney who knows how to navigate the process. The experienced lawyers at the Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates can help you receive appropriate compensation for any financial, physical and emotional implications.

What kind of accidents do you cover?2021-07-13T20:54:09-04:00

While most of our cases are Georgia car accidents, we also provide coverage for motorcycle accidents, truck incidents and bicycle wrecks. Contact us today to see if your case qualifies.

What are the qualifications for a slip-and-fall case?2021-07-13T20:51:46-04:00

In all slip-and-fall cases, you must prove that you were on the property – and that negligence and recklessness took place. During a consultation, we will collect details about the situation to see if you have a legitimate case worth pursuing.

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