Injured in a Car Accident?

In the event of a car accident, the aftermath can be overwhelming. When you have been injured in a car accident, you may not understand what your next steps should be, and what you should do. Or, how to make sure that the liable party is held accountable for their negligence.

Here at the Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, we’ll give you a direct breakdown of actions and things to do immediately following getting hurt in a car accident. If you need any further clarity beyond this post, reach out to one of the members of our legal team, as they are here to help you.

Here’s What To Do Next:

For your safety, the first and most immediate action that must be taken after a car accident is to get yourself out of harm’s way by moving to the shoulder or off of the roadway as soon as possible. Next, you should call 911 and law enforcement. Even if the accident seems minor and less severe, it is important to call the police to the scene of it.

Police Report 

The police report serves as evidence when you file your case.  The police report will include important information like the location and time of the accident, all parties involved, and the names and statements of the witnesses. It will include specific details about the positioning of the vehicles involved, and the injuries that the victim sustained. It will also include who the authorities deem responsible for the accident, alongside what is presumed to have caused it.


In cases of auto accident crashes, the victims must prove the other party’s negligence to receive compensation. In some cases, there may be a few, or even several parties who share liability, depending on the specific circumstances. Reckless or negligent drivers, auto part designers, vehicle parts manufacturers, mechanics, safety inspectors, and others, are amongst the list of those who may share liability.

Gather Evidence From The Scene

After you’ve called the police, the next step you must complete is to gather as much evidence from the scene as you can, by documentation. It’s important to take photos of your injuries and the injuries of those who may have been involved in the accident, vehicle damage, road conditions, as well as the scene of the accident, from different perspectives and angles. Taking videos is also highly suggested.

Exchange Contact Information & Reach Out To Witnesses 

Last but not least, it is important to exchange contact information with the other driver, and people who may have been at the scene as well. Name and phone number, insurance information, the make and model of their car, and license plate number, are all pieces of information that should be obtained. It is helpful to get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses as well. 

If there are any nearby businesses or residential areas that may have cameras, you should also write down their information, in case you can receive video footage from the time the incident occurred. 

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May 5th, 2023